Hey, someone took away my free stuff

LastPass has been in the firing line because they stopped their free plan for all but the simplest situations. The purchase of the business by a private equity group is certainly behind this, but hey it’s a business, and equity is an important part of that.

Our desire for free stuff conflicts with the need for the business to make money. There’s outrage and articles explaining how you should switch to a different password manager that’s free. I don’t think that’s going to turn out too well. Think about it:

There’s only 3 ways to make money online: advertising, selling data, and subscriptions. Ads within something as sensitive as a password manager just doesn’t seem likely. Selling our data? Good grief, I hope not. So it has to be subscriptions.

Surely you want your logins to all your websites kept secure, and not leaked or sold, or used as the basis for ads. Amirite? So it’s worth paying for that, right?

If you live in the Google world, there’s a password manager because Google can make enough money from targeted ads because you’re permanently logged in. If you live in the Apple world there’s a built-in cross device password manager, courtesy of the fact you’re paying the Apple premium. So you only need a password manager if you live in a more complex world, in which case surely it’s worth paying for. If that’s unacceptable then I guess your next step is a random free password manager with no reputation. Good luck with that.